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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, as of March 16th, 2020, all pipeline safety programs are postponed until further notice.

Thank you for your interest in pipeline safety training. We will send updated information regarding future dates for programs in your area.

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Please attend the pipeline safety training to receive your updated pipeline operator information and help keep your community safe. CoRE was designed to organize pre-planning with pipeline operators and local distribution companies. These interactive pipeline safety programs are based on local incident scenarios designed to engage all agencies in a simulated response. The program is delivered in three blocks:

  • Initial Call and Assessment
  • On-Scene Response
  • Managing Media Communications
Each block includes several talking points, which address various pipeline scenarios, recognition of product type, emergency response, and securing the scene in the aftermath of an incident.

Paradigm Questions and Answers

Answering your questions about Paradigm and our pipeline-safety training programs, CoRE, CoRE-EX, and Excavator.

Who should attend?

All public officials are welcome to attend and participate in the Coordinated Response Exercise® (CoRE).

Why should I attend?

Regulations suggest local government and public officials should help protect, recognize, report, and respond to suspected pipeline emergencies.

    • What products are being transported through your communities
    • Hazards of Products
    • Leak Recognition and Response
    • Emergency Preparedness Communications
Additionally, officials participating in the CoRE program will network and pre-plan with local first responders and pipeline and gas distribution operators to learn financial responsibilities, including response tactics, to help keep your community safe.

How much does it cost to attend?

Paradigm training is free. Meals are also provided for each attendee at no cost. Please RSVP to ensure enough food and seating is available.

How can I RSVP?

You can follow the registration steps online at, or you may contact Paradigm's RSVP team by telephone at 844-693-7788.

What is a WebCode, and do I need one?

A WebCode is used to simplify the registration and survey processes, however, a WebCode is not mandatory to attend. You may use your email address and other information to complete your registration.

What is the role of the pipeline and gas distribution operators?

Representatives from your local pipeline and gas distribution companies are there to interact with attendees to ensure positive relationships, effective communication, and awareness of how to safely respond to a pipeline incident. Operators share updates about the types of pipeline systems and products in your area, contact information, and other crucial details regarding the transportation of energy in your communities.

What is the Coordinate Response Exercise (CoRE)?

The Coordinated Response Exercise®, commonly known as CoRE, is the most current approach to pre-planning an emergency response to a pipeline incident. Each program is adapted to a local incident scenario and organized into three blocks:

  • Initial Call and Assessment
  • On-Scene Response
  • Managing Media Communications
Each block addresses and recreates three crucial stages in effectively responding to a pipeline incident. CoRE encourages interaction between all attending agencies and their local pipeline and gas distribution operators.

What is the difference between CoRE and CoRE-EX?

The Coordinated Response Exercise® (CoRE) is designed to educate first responders and public officials in preparing for and responding to pipeline incidents. The Coordinated Response & Excavator Exercise® (CoRE-EX) teaches safe digging practices to excavators/contractors while also educating first responders and public officials on how to safely respond to a pipeline incident.

These exercises bring together operators and stakeholders to enhance pre-planning.

What is HSEEP?

HSEEP stands for Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. Utilizing guidelines outlined by the Department of Homeland Security, Paradigm adapted the program to pipeline safety and response training for emergency response personnel. Participating emergency response agencies meet a portion of their Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) funding requirements, and individuals receive a Certificate of Completion. Up to two Continuing Education Units are also available following an HSEEP.

Are training sessions localized?

Each training utilizes a local pipeline scenario. This local product release is used to exchange resources and capabilities of everyone involved. Operators attend each program to share local knowledge that assists in pre-planning.

How many people from my company should attend?

All members of your organization should attend. Everyone can RSVP individually or be registered as a group.

Who directs the meetings?

At the request of pipeline and gas distribution operators, Paradigm facilitates each program with a qualified team of former emergency response and industry professionals. Collectively, this team has nearly 400 years of emergency response experience. Learn more about our team here: CoRE Instructors.

What happens after the program?

Immediately following your program, you will receive a certificate of completion. Paradigm may also follow up with an email survey in which you can share your thoughts on the effectiveness of the program.

Who is Paradigm?

Paradigm provides public awareness and damage prevention compliance services to assist with the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR 192 and 195, as well as API RP 1162. We facilitate more than 1,000 pipeline safety meetings for emergency officials, excavators/contractors, and public officials each year. Investing time in a CoRE training is the best way to learn pipeline response.

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